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Interlocking Mats, Rubber Studded Mats, Kitchen Mats, Industrial Mats, and Chair Mats.

Interlocking PVC floor mats

Interlocking Floor Mats

Ideal for use in swimming pool areas, sauna, locker rooms, kitchen, toilets and areas that are wet.

- Made of durable soft PVC material
- Flexible and tight interlock allow easy roll-up of mat allow easy cleaning.

Colours: Red, Green, Grey, Blue, Yellow
Size: 30cm x 30cm
Thickness: 9mm

Rubber studded mats

Rubber Roll Mats with Studs

For use in factory operation area, workshops and other heavy traffic areas.

Colours: Red, Green, Grey, Blue, Black
Sizes: 105cm x 15m / cut sizes.

Thickness: 3mm


Link heavy duty mats

Link Heavy Duty Mats

Ideal for hotel kitchens, commercial kitchens, restaurants and factories.

- Effectively reduces fatigue from long standing.
- Modular square and light weight to link up area in minutes.
- Moulded hidden interlocking system can be made to 90 degrees turn.
- Spilt liquid drainage leaves dry and safe surface.
- Protects dropped utensils and tools.
- Unique ramping.

Colours: Black, Red.
Sizes: 91cm x 91cm.
Thickness: 15mm.


VIP kitchen mats

VIP Mats

Ideal for hotel kitchens, commercial kitchens, restaurants and factories.

- Excellent comfort and fatigue relief from long hours standing.
- Moulded beveled edge.
- Cushion surface helps prevent breakage of dropped articles.
- Spills passed through holes thus eliminating micro organism growth.
- Rolls quickly for easy cleaning.

Colours: Black and Terra-cotta (grease proof and grease resistant). 
Sizes: 91cm x 152cm
Thickness: 13mm


Vinyl chair mats

Heavy Duty Vinyl Chair Mats

Over time, unprotected carpet and hard surface flooring will be damaged by the downward force and movement of the chair caster wheels and result in expensive replacement or repair of flooring.  A chair mat spreads the downward force of the casters to prevent damage to the flooring.

- Maximum clarity and transparency.
- Unique notched studs design grips carpeted floor.
- Without studs for hard floor surfaces.

Colour: Clear
Size: 36x48, 45x53 and custom cut sizes.


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