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3M  TM Nomad  TM car mats with homogeneous heel plate and grippers

3M TM Nomad TM Customised Car Mat that fits neatly in your car, SUV and MPV

We specialize in 3M Nomad customised car mats that fit neatly in all saloon cars, SUVs and MPVs.  3M Nomad customized car mat features resilient flame resistant vinyl loop construction in variety of colours that blends in with the interior of the vehicle.  It traps, hides and hold dirt, sand moisture so that matting surface remain clean and dry.  It is easy to clean, simply turn mat over, shake, vacuum or rinse out the trapped dirt and grime.

Driverís mat comes complete with homogeneous heel plate that prevents premature wear and tear.  3M logo imprint on homogeneous heel plate provides assurance of quality genuine product. 

Gripper strips on the reverse of mats keep them in place and minimize trips and falls.


3M TM Matting System

Due to environmental differences, what is required of every matting differs. Recognising this fact, we can offer customized and personalized mats to meet your specific needs.  Whether you are looking for a simple welcome floor mat or customized and personalized mat, we have the product for you.  We offer a wide range of floor mats including 3M fatigue-resistant mats, 3M Safety-Walk anti-slip tapes, 3M Nomad carpet mats, 3M Nomad scraper mats and 3M Entrap wet area mats.


3M  TM Nomad  TM scraper mat

3M TM Nomad TM Scraper Matting

3M Nomad scraper matting is designed for use at building entrances, recessed wells, interior of elevators, hallways, work areas and homes.

3M Nomad scraper matting has excellent dirt removal and holding capability.

Its resilient and flame resistant vinyl loop construction effectively scrapes, traps and hides dirt beneath the surface.

Surface stays clean and dry minimizing tracking of dirt and reducing potential slip and fall accidents.

Easy and inexpensive to maintain- just shake, vacuum or rinse out dirt,grime and moisture.


3M  TM Nomad  TM carpet mats

3M TM Nomad TM Carpet Matting

3M Nomad carpet matting is a carpet type entrance mat designed for use inside buildings.  This carpet mat features rib pattern construction with outstanding durability and toughness.

Scrapes dirt and grit off shoes and removes moisture at the same time. Needle punch fibers work vigorously to channel dirt and moisture away from foot traffic.

Rugged grove structure provides long wear and colour fastness. The slip-resistant, solid vinyl backing reduces mat movement and protects floor.

Available in variety of colours. Mat can be customized and personalized with wordings, logo and design to meet your requirement.



3M  TM Entrap  TM wet area mats

3M TM Entrap TM Wet Area Matting

3M Entrap wet area matting is designed for floor areas that are wet, minimising slip and fall accidents.

It features durable patented Z-web vinyl ridges without backing that allow water or other liquid to run through matting, keeping mat dry.

Suitable for use in boats, pool areas, locker rooms, saunas, bathrooms, freezer rooms or areas that are wet and slippery.

Available in variety of colours.  Mat can be customized and personalized with wordings, logo and design to meet your requirement.



3M  TM Safety-walk  TM anti slip tapes

3M TM Safety-Walk TM Anti-Slip Tapes

Slip, trip and fall accidents are among the most significant causes of personal injuries in the workplace and at home.

3M Safety-Walk anti-slip tapes and treads are use to reduce slips and falls at stairs, steps, ramps, ladders, entrances where additional traction is needed.

Available in various grades and colours.   
3M Safety-Walk anti-slip tapes can be customised to different shapes, wordings to meet your requirement.



3M TM Floor Pads and Scotch-Brite  TM Cleaning Products

Look to 3Mís range of cleaning products for efficient and cost effective maintenance needs.

3M floor pads are ideal for stripping tough, paste-wax build-up or buffing a beautiful parquet floor to a brilliant luster.  Reversible pads be used over and over for cleaning, scrubbing, polishing or finishing almost any type of floor.

Choose from a variety of grades to suit your needs.

Choose from a range of 3M Scotch-Brite cleaning products for each cleaning job -from heavy soiled griddles to the most delicate surface.

3M  TM floor pads and cleaning products

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